Orlando Massacre

The morning of June 12 was the darkest I have woken up to. News apps on my phone were blowing up with notifications of a mass shooting in Orlando in a LGBT night club. Fifty people were dead. My heart was shattered. A community that I was a part of had been attacked and people were dead. It didn’t hit me until later that night that what happened was real and the grief that I felt was profound. 

President Obama has been trying to get Congress to pass laws to prevent anyone from buying a gun. Being a Republican majority, they’ve stopped him from doing that which has led to the string of shootings this past week. Christina Grimmie, a 22 year old singer, mercilessly shot down. Do the politicos of this country not realize that the absence of gun laws is the reason why beautiful, young, and promising people, true citizens of this country are being caught in the crossfire. 

Imagine going to get your watch fixed & walking out with a gun as well. It’s that easy and that is what scares me the most. The easy access with minimal check. Being able to get military grade arms and ammunition is a serious matter. No one is safe. There are going to be so many big public events happening and it scares me to think that someone could just come and open fire and kill dozens of people. 

We lost so many people yesterday and it irks me to know that Congress may not do anything about it. We aren’t safe in our own country from our own people. It makes you wonder what day might be your last. 

My thoughts and prayers are with the survivors and families grieving, I hope they have the love and support they need to get through this terrible time. 


13 thoughts on “Orlando Massacre

      1. The shots… hearing those was the worst. I had to run upstairs and just cry. I couldn’t take it. I haven’t slept a single night since then. I barely slept last night.

      2. The news is constantly on in my house and every time they show a picture or interview someone who lost someone in the shooting or interview a survivor, it’s really hard to keep it together.

  1. I know that this is such a difficult period for everyone but just remember that all of us are in this together and that we’re all here to support one another. I hope you’re alright.πŸ’™

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