Baby it’s Cold Outside!

The good people at Leesa, a mattress company, requested me to do a post on what my ideal day in when the weather is cold and rainy/snowy outside and I gladly accepted. I don’t suppose everyone does these things, but this is what I like to do.

  1. Fluffy soft blankets!

I love blankets to the moon and back. I usually have one blanket for my desk where I work and a few are draped over the comforter on my bed. On a cold snowy day, I’ll be nestled in one, either working, reading or playing video games for hours on end.

2. The fluffy socks and bedroom slippers

Nothing is complete without this combination! A good pair of fluffy socks with your favorite pair of bedroom slippers keep your feet nice and toasty.

3. Coffee, Tea, or Cocoa

I usually like to drink coffee or tea but I’ve started drinking cocoa and I really like it. Unfortunately, I also have a terrible habit of not savoring anything I drink so, I tend to gulp everything down when it gets to a somewhat drinkable temperature and it’s gone quickly after that.

4. My Bed

My bed is very sacred to me. Most of my books are finished in a little corner on my bed in a nest of blankets and pillows. All that’s missing is my dog who I can’t bring to live with me because he’s very far away and I’m not allowed to have a dog in my apartment.

Also, if any of you are looking for a new mattress, you can check out some options that have been reviewed here.

5. Books!

All. The. Books. Fantasy, contemporary, sci-fi, anything new on my shelf, something I’ve been wanting to read for months, something I want to re-read because I’m in that kind of mood- it varies every time. But most often, there will be a thick fantasy book in my hands and I will be devouring it for hours, until I have to shift my position or when my back starts hurting. One of my recent reads, which I would highly recommend, and I could not put down was Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. I will do a review of the book at some point, but until then, all I can do is throw the book in your face and tell you to read it.

That’s all I have for you for this post! Thank you for reading.

Please check out Leesa’s Giving Back page. They’re a great mattress company and donate a mattress for every 10 that they sell.

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