Movie Magic with PureFlix!

PureFlix is a cool video streaming website and they asked me to do a post for them describing what I believe to be an awesome movie night and being the kind of person I am, I jumped at the chance to do a post for them!

I know a lot of people watch movies, sometimes it’s a new one and sometimes it’s a movie you’ve seen 4 times in the past week alone. What I think determines our choices is how we feel in that particular moment. There is an emotional need that arises and helps us make movie choices. Keeping that in mind, I created 8 categories of movies that resonate with most people.


  1. Party Mix- This category includes movies that people can put on in the background during a party and watch in passing. This works especially when you’re doing themed parties like Marvel or Harry Potter.
  2. Lonely is the Night- You know that feeling you get when you’re all alone on a Friday night, everyone you know is either busy or out partying and you’re clutching your pillow with your pet next to you? This category is for nights like that. A movie that makes you feel less lonely or makes that hopeless feeling a little lesser so that when you wake up in the morning, you’re not feeling terribly miserable.
  3. Non-Traditional Rom-Coms- Most people like romantic comedies but there’s a few movies that take that to a whole new level. Mr and Mrs Smith and Mr Right are excellent examples of this category. Essentially, they’re romantic comedies with fun twists which makes them a lot of fun to watch.
  4. Fantasy Fiend- Ah yes, my favorite category. I like to think that there’s a lot of people in the world who would kill to have a full feature length movie of whatever fantasy book they love the most with every detail included. I mean, who doesn’t love the Extended Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter movies but what if they included everything from the books? That would be amazing! A little more magic in the world, I say.
  5. Don’t You Cry for Me, Argentina- Sometimes, you need to cry and you need to sob hard enough that your shirt is soaked despite the mess of tissues around you because you’ll feel better after. As someone who cries in almost every movie she watches, I was watching the new Beauty and the Beast movie while enjoying a cup of tea and I sobbed through the whole movie. I don’t know why I was crying but I had big crocodile tears running down my face, my shirt sleeves were soaked with salt water and snot and after it was over, I felt so good it was ridiculous. Puppy movies are great for this category and a few romance movies (I’m looking at you, PS- I Love You) will make you cry so hard you will feel dehydrated after. Yes, it hurts to watch them but, trust me, you’ll feel much better about things after.
  6. Disney Darling- Disney has more than a few movie franchises under their belt which means, if you love Marvel, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney Princess movies or Walt Disney animation, you love Disney. It isn’t just about the princesses, they have awesome superheroes, pirates, and Darth freaking Vader which is really awesome. Watching Disney movies gives you hope and makes the world a little more bearable.
  7. I Need a Hero!- I don’t know if any of you guys get the feeling or not, but there are days when I want to watch some superheroes kick ass defeating villains. Of course I also feel invincible and feel I can run like Natasha Romanoff and beat people up because I’ve seen the Avengers too many times and I “remember her moves”. Regardless, watching hero oriented movies are a lot of fun and empowering.
  8. Comedy Central- Last but not least, comedies are the best. I’ve been watching comedies for the past week or so and they’ve kept me going. Good humor always makes me happy and spurs my own brain to come up with rib ticklers to test out on my friends (always the first victims of my jokes).

Those are my movie categories. I hope you enjoyed this post. See you next time with another post!



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