Bloodwitch By Susan Dennard (The Witchlands, #3)

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I have waited for this book since Truthwitch came out in 2016. How do I love thee, let me count the ways… This book was worth waiting for and I have so many feels about it still. I catch myself thinking of Baeduan more often than not, such a sweetie he is. The scene in Truthwitch when Aeduan sees Iseult and Safi fight back-to-back Cahr Awen style, I knew that Bloodwitch had me.

His character development since book 1 has been massive. There was so much backstory that was added indirectly in Sightwitch, and then addressed directly in Bloodwitch. I wasn’t surprised but I definitely enjoyed all the revelation.

For me, when I picked up Sightwitch, I did not expect it to blow up the Witchlands world the way that it did. It was WILD. There were hints to it in Windwitch but when it happened, mother of kittens. WAS. NOT. PREPARED.

Esme is super evil, she has been since she first showed up but she wasn’t as prominent as I expected in this book. She definitely has her moments and her creep-factor level was jumping constantly. I’m wondering if more of her presence in Iseult’s mind will show up in the next book.

There are some things that I feel a bit lost on but that’s also because I remember parts of Windwitch very clearly but others not so much. I was definitely freaked out when I realized that Kullen is Ryber’s heartthread. It’s going to be painful when he dies in the series, I really wanted a happy ending for Ryber.

So it turns out, Safi has more to her magic that meets the eye. I am very interested in seeing what happens with her power now that it has changed so much from the beginning. Other super big surprise, Habim and Mathew. WHAT THE HELL?!?! WHAT? HOW? HUH? I DON’T COMPUTE. WHY???


Aeduan, my Aeduan, you really are the sweetest Bloodwitch of them all! He is Baeduan, I love him so much. His backstory revelation was the je ne ces’t quoi of this book. He is the sweetest wolf, I just want to protect him for the rest of this series.

Merik’s interaction with Esme, aka the Weaver, was definitely painful to see. I have nightmares about those scenes. I really want to read more from her POV in the next books.

The happiest scenes that I lived for, Safi and Iseult’s reunion. I loved it so much, I was crying the entire time. It reminded me of when I met my mom after 2 years when she came from my graduation last year. So many feels.

This book was fast-paced, I tore through it pretty fast even while working and traveling. The seemingly disparate storylines came together so well, Sooz did an absolutely stunning job. I can’t wait to see how she furthers the magic of this world.

I am very curious about the Wells, I’ve been wondering about their magic and functionality a lot since Sightwitch; how they tie in to every witch type, who the Paladins are (I have guesses), and how the Wells tie in with the Paladins. I also want to see how the Paladins react to the Cahr Awen. They’ve been dismissed as a myth by most but now that Safi and Iseult are the living incarnations, what happens? Sooz has mentioned that if you pay attention, 4 of the Paladins have been revealed. I have some guesses but I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone making their way through this book.

Definitely shipping Vivia and Vaness, those two have some intense chemistry that I don’t really see with Vivia and Stix, though that lady has some interesting going on with her too. Based on what I read from the excerpt in the Fae Crate Bloodwitch box, she’s got something fishy going on with her. Stix is definitely important, but what in the hagfishes name is her true motive? purpose? ROLE?!

I loved this book a lot, this series means a lot to me. It was the first review of mine that was blurbed by Tor Books, and that has definitely been the highlight of my book blogging career. If you haven’t checked out the Witchlands series, pick it up! It is more than worth your time, it is absolutely wonderful. If you’re looking for more Sooz Dennard after that, pick up her Something Strange and Deadly series, check out her YouTube channel, and sign up for her newsletter Misfits and Daydreamers on

Leave your thoughts down below if you read Bloodwitch!!

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