Review Criteria

My criteria for review are fairly simple and are as follows-

1. General

I am fairly open to all types of books for review, from big publication houses or self published. If you are interested, please read the entire policy and then head over to the Form for Review page.

I am willing to accept physical ARCs, e-ARCS finished or otherwise. For e-ARCs I like reading in ePub or Mobi  formats but the former is preferred. If you have a PDF, that is also acceptable. Audiobooks are acceptable IF there are no other formats available.

I am also interested in giveaways, author interviews or book related announcements.

If you have any other queries, you may contact me via my Contact page or send an email to this address-

2. Genres

I tend to read a lot of Young Adult and New Adult fiction but I am open to other categories. The genres that I prefer-

  • Fantasy
  • Dystopia/ Utopia
  • Contemporary
  • Historical Fiction
  • Sci-Fi
  • Thriller
  • Mystery
  • Fairytale Retelling
  • Paranormal
  • Romance
  • Select Memoirs/ Biographies

Genres I DO NOT read-

  • Romance
  • Religious
  • Political

3. Reviews

My reviews are my own. I try not to be overly critical and remain respectful toward the author and the book. Once I have reviewed a book, I will send a link to the author along with posting it here.

I mostly post my reviews here and Goodreads. I rarely post to Amazon, Barnes and Noble or any other site. If you wish me to post a review on any other site, please specify.

If, under any circumstances I am unable to finish a book by the deadline, I will send an email apologizing for it.

4. What’s in a Review

I normally add the following to a book review-

  1. An image for the cover (from internet sources)
  2. A Goodreads link for the book (on the image)
  3. A star rating (out of 5)
  4. A release date for the book (in case of an ARC)
  5. Publication House
  6. Amazon/ B&N Links (if appropriate)

If there are some other things that you would want explicitly added, please specify in the Form for Review.

5. Star Rating

Star ratings for books are different for every reviewer. I also use 1/2 star ratings but NEVER a zero star rating. There is always something good to be found in every book.

  • 1 Star- Absolutely Terrible (Explanation- I will never read it again. I wanted it to end before it started)
  • 1.5 Stars- Poor (Explanation- I’m not going to read it ever again. Almost DNFed it)
  • 2 Stars- Tolerable (Barely) (Explanation- Some parts were good. Probably won’t pick it up again)
  • 2.5 Stars- Just Okay (Explanation- Not a big deal. Might re-read.)
  • 3 Stars- Decent (Explanation- Enjoyable. Might pick up again.)
  • 3.5 Stars- Good (Explanation- Will re-read. Few flaws but enjoyable overall)
  • 4 Stars- Very Good (Explanation- Absolutely wonderful. Definitely going to read it again. Very good at keeping attention. Favorite. Minimum to no flaws that can be ignored easily)
  • 4.5 Stars- Excellent (Explanation- Brilliant plot. Definite favorite. Almost no flaws)
  • 5 Stars- Outstanding (Explanation- No words. Amazing. Book speaks for itself. Amazing)

6. Review Rating Policy

My reviews are my own and I try to give as many decent reviews to books as possible. If I really don’t like a book, I will state my reasons. My review is based on plot, writing style, characterizations and my own experience with it. My own experience would imply that I did not find something or the other from the book suitable to my taste or thinking or anything else and will be specified in the review.

If my terms are acceptable to you, you are more than welcome to head over to my Form for Review. If you have more queries, my Contact is available.

— Sahiba

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